Have You Reached a Turning Point in Your Life?

Looking for guidance when life situations are overwhelming is a sign of health and maturity.  If you are struggling with addictions or any type of family/mood issues, I can help.  I and my staff believe in emphasizing and building on strengths and connecting with abilities with which you may have lost connection.  We are not just listeners.  We are actively involved in the process and provide you with concrete skills and tools you can use immediately to improve your life or situation.  A Turning Point Counseling and Rehab Center offers help for many concerns you may have.  If there are marriage problems or family troubles, we provide marriage and family counseling in San Antonio and one of our specialties is couples therapy. If alcohol or drug abuse is an issue, we have experienced substance abuse counselors who can help, most in recovery themselves.  As a matter of fact, our expertise is in alcohol and drug rehab and addiction counseling and we offer a small group, private, personal substance abuse intensive outpatient rehab treatment program. We specialize in providing small group adult substance abuse outpatient rehab treatment in San Antonio for drug abuse, alcoholism or other addictions.  Our programs are comprehensive and individualized according to your need.  We consider the needs of the family as integral to the process.  Drug or alcohol rehab treatment is most successful when all family members are involved in the process.  An outpatient program of treatment gives people a chance to continue to work or go to school and live their lives while doing something intensive to address their alcoholism or addiction. If there is a problem with fears or trauma, I am a clinical hypnotherapist and have been very successful in using hypnotherapy for over 25 years to reduce trauma or other PTSD symptoms. If you're interested in becoming a better, happier, more fulfilled you, we'd love to work with you every step of the way.  Please contact us today. You may e-mail me at ron.deage@aturningpoint.org or call at 210.764.3700 and I will contact you as soon as possible to talk with you further about your current situation and tell you how I may be able to help. Ron Deage - Clinical Director at A Turning Point in San Antonio, TX

04th Jul 2018

How Best to Treat Addictions

Why You Should Seriously Consider Our Intensive Outpatient Program to Effectively Deal with Addiction Issues Alcohol/substance abuse or other behavioral addictions/problems are serious concerns. They consist of habitual, self-destructive behaviors...

16th Jan 2017

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16th Jan 2017

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05th Apr 2014

Resentment and Forgiveness

Hopefully, you’ve all heard about the wisdom and value of forgiveness as healing for yourself; that you don’t do it primarily for the other person.  What that means, in case...

20th Feb 2014

Paradoxes in Life and Counseling

Life is full of paradoxes. What I mean by that is that things that are contradictory often can lead to freedom when they are acknowledged and accepted. For example, the...

29th Jan 2014

What is Validation/Empathy and How Can it Benefit You?

One of the most important concepts that ALL clients benefit from has to do with the idea of offering validation to others. Now, let’s be clear, validation IS some things...

01st Sep 2013

Perception of Events Can Alter Your Attitude

One of the most important ideas I have realized over the past years as a counselor and that I find myself relating to almost all my clients is about our...

06th Aug 2013

Bad Decisions and How They Sabotage Your Progress

A client told me yesterday that he noticed a tendency to make bad decisions when things were going the best for him.  “I seem to do something to screw things...

01st Aug 2013

Our New Blog

I will be making periodic posts to this blog that I hope will be informative and casual in nature.  I want to give you a flavor for my experiences with...