Outpatient Drug Rehab

We offer Outpatient Drug Rehab in San Antonio

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Alcohol rehab at the San Antonio Location                                                

Substance abuse treatment program in San Antonio

Is drug or alcohol abuse or other addictions causing problems for you or your family?  We have substance abuse counselors in San Antonio that can help!
You CAN turn things around!

We offer the most comprehensive outpatient drug rehab substance abuse and addiction rehab program you will find. Turning Point is the place to be, and choosing our program is the Best Decision You Will Make!

All program services conducted via Zoom online video


rehabilitation for drug alcohol or gambling addiction abuse crea•We incorporate 12-Step principles for effective recovery
• We are a private facility, not associated with a hospital
• Our group size is small and intimate (usually 3-6 members)
• Weekly family involvement is an integral part of our program
• There is also weekly individual and family counseling
• Our staff is supportive, experienced and possess masters degrees
• Our treatment approach is individualized to address specific needs
• We emphasize relapse prevention and sobriety maintenance techniques
• Relevant recovery materials/topics are presented and discussed
• We will address underlying emotional and situational issues that affect the specific addiction
• You will learn concrete, specific skills needed for successful recovery
• Regular random drug testing is a standard part of the program
• Our fees are reasonable and we consider financial need
• We offer continuing weekly aftercare at no extra charge
• We provide the convenience of Zoom online video for all program services


We think an intensive program is essential for the best results. Our program includes weekly peer groups, multifamily groups, one-on-one, and family counseling sessions over an initial period of eight weeks. It combines the most powerful elements we know of to promote sobriety and positive growth.
We believe we have assembled the finest, most qualified staff. Each counselor has different areas of expertise so that we can feel confident in our ability to provide a wide diversity of services. Some of the areas we are able to address are: depression, addictions, ADHD, school/behavior problems, low self-esteem, anger management, children’s play therapy, relationship or family counseling, stress reduction, and hypnosis for trauma or smoking cessation.


Marriage counseling, marriage and family therapy, individual counseling, hypnotherapy.

All families go through difficult times. There is a solution.

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