Integral Breath Therapy (Breathwork) for Depression, Anxiety, Trauma Resolution, and other Issues

Breathing is not as simple as it may sound. Yes, we all breathe, but often repressed feelings and past traumatic experiences are reflected in errant breathing patterns. These feelings and experiences are held in the body and we are not consciously aware of it. They may cause blockages to the body’s healthy energy flow. Think about times we are under fear or stress and hold our breath. Often, when we take just a few deep, cleansing breaths, we feel more relaxed and calmer. This is just a basic realization we all already know.

Integral Breath Therapy is a more involved therapeutic process that aims to help clear out deep physical, mental, and emotional blocks. By learning specific breathing techniques, you will become more able to release unconscious and previously repressed thoughts and emotions and restore the yourself to a whole and natural state of being. As you progress, you may experience deep physical relaxation, emotional release, greater psychological understanding, and an enhanced connection with your spiritual experiences.

Integral Breath Therapy can help with relieving bodily discomforts and complaints, reducing anxiety and emotional stress, resolving grief and loss, managing stress, easing depression, and more. Learning to breathe differently can create increased energy and creativity, improve your self-esteem, give you greater confidence and inner peace, heighten your joy and enthusiasm, improve intimacy in your relationships, and more.

IMG_0654Our staff therapist, Alyssa Salazar, LPC-Intern, is certified in Integral Breath Therapy and is able to help you process and release troubling feelings using this approach.

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