Addiction/Substance Abuse Links

AA Meetings San Antonio
Local AA meeting guide for the San Antonio area.

Worldwide AA Phone Numbers
An excellent site to locate AA regional organizations worldwide should you be traveling or moving.

Alcoholics Anonymous
The official Alcoholics Anonymous website.

Alanon and Alateen
The Alanon and Alateen World Service Office site offers help and support for the families and friends of alcoholics and includes special resources for teens.

PREVLINE – National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information
PREVLINE is run by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and provides not only helpful facts but referral resources, publications, online forums, research, and statistics. A search engine is available for the site.

NCADD – National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence, Inc.
An excellent site providing information specifically for adults, parents, youth affected by dependency. Also has information regarding political organizations that deal with dependency.

The Texas Department of State Health Services — Mental Health and Substance Abuse
The Texas Department of State Health Services monitors drug trends in Texas, provides training and licensure for chemical dependency counselors and treatment facilities in the state.

Cocaine Anonymous
Cocaine Anonymous World Services- encourages the personal recovery and continued sobriety of drug addicts, not just those addicted to cocaine.

The National Inhalant Prevention Coalition
The National Inhalant Prevention Coalition website provides important information regarding the abuse of inhalants.

Drug Free America
Partnership for a Drug- Free America.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse
The National Institute on Drug Abuse site provides valuable scientific news and information on drug abuse and addiction.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse site for Teens
The National Institute on Drug Abuse site for teens is intended to educate adolescents ages 11 through 15 on the science behind drug abuse.

Provided by the National Youth Anti-Frug Media Campaign, Freevibe provides scientifically accurate drug information, games, message boards, and tips for leading healthy lifestyles and rejecting drugs.

Alcoholism and Addiction Resources
Thousands of Alcoholism and Addiction Resources.

The Anti-Drug
A drug prevention information resource which provides articles and advice from experts on substance abuse, scientific information, parental support and teen perspectives.

Club Drugs
Provides information and resources on club drugs.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration SAMHSA
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has established a clear vision for its work — a life in the community for everyone.

National Institute on Drug Abuse NIDA
NIDA’s mission is to lead the Nation in bringing the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction.

NAADAC The Association for Addiction Profesionals
NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals, is the largest membership organization serving addiction counselors, educators and other addiction-focused health care professionals, who specialize in addiction prevention,treatment and education.

Dependency and Addiction Among Seniors
New data indicates that the number of senior citizens with drug problems is on the rise for a variety of complicated reasons.  (Submitted by Thomas and Mark)

Hazelden is the leading provider of alcohol and drug rehabilitation, education and recovery materials. Visit the Resources, Online Store and Education links.
Directory for Drug Addiction Information and Treatment.
Resources and information for drug addiction.

ADHD Links

CHADD Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder
CHADD provides information and support for both adults and children with ADHD.

Information, tools and support for people whose lives are touched by ADHD.

Attention Deficit Disorder Association
Help and information for people with ADD/ADHD.

The ADHD Information Library
Over 300 pages of in depth information on ADHD for parents and teachers.

Alzheimer’s Links

Your Alzheimer’s Community
Get the latest tips, new, and advice on preventing Alzheimer’s, treatment, stages and resources.

Alzheimer’s Association
Information and resources on Alzheimer’s including care finder and help-line.

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America
Our mission is to provide optimal care and services to individuals confronting dementia, and to their caregivers and families through member organizations dedicated to improving quality of life.

Bipolar Links

Information on Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia.

Alzheimer Support
Offers treatment and research news, care giving information, and products.
Information and resources on bi-polar disorder including a bi-polar questionnaire.

Helpful resources on bi-polar disorder.

Child and Adolescent Bi-Polar Foundation
An organization to help children and adolescents with bi-polar disorder.

Depression and Bi-Polar Support Alliance
Help and information for people with depression and bi-polar disorder.

Bi-Polar World
Information on bi-polar disorder, chat rooms and forums.

Bi-Polar Help Center
Understanding bi-polar, living with bi-polar and information for caregivers.

Cancer Links

American Association for Cancer Research
The AACR is the authoritative source of information about advances in the causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer.

Eating Disorder Links

Over Eaters Anonymous
Overeaters Anonymous offers a program of recovery from compulsive overeating using the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of OA.

Compulsive Eaters Anonymous
Compulsive Eaters Anonymous-HOW is a fellowship of individuals who, through shared experience, strength, and hope are recovering from compulsive eating and food addiction.

Eating Disorders Anonymous
Eating Disorders Anonymous (EDA) is a fellowship of individuals who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problems and help others to recover from their eating disorders.

Anorexia Nervosa and Related Eating Disorders
Information and resources on anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and other related disorders.

Eating Disorder Foundation
We are a non-profit organization with a compelling message about a life threatening illness that affects millions of people.

Compulsive Gambling Links

Gamblers Anonymous
GAMBLERS ANONYMOUS is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from a gambling problem.

National Council on Gambling
The Mission of the National Council on Problem Gambling is to increase public awareness of pathological gambling, ensure the widespread availability of treatment for problem gamblers and their families.

The Texas Council on Problem and Compulsive Gambling
The Texas Council on Problem and Compulsive Gambling is a non-profit organization established in 1991 to provide and promote services to problem gamblers, their families and other individuals or institutions.

Internet Links

An interactive guide to staying safe on the Internet.


Learning Differences Links

LD Online
Information and resources on learning disorders.

Learning Disabilities Association of America
Information and resources on learning disabilities.

Mental Health Links

Medscape (from WebMD)
Medscape from WebMD is a great resource for the latest research in any medical field, including mental health.  Registration is needed to access any of the articles, but registration is free.

Mental Help
Mental Help Net is an established and highly regarded internet website dedicated to educating the public about mental health, wellness, and family and relationship issues and concerns.

Psych Central
The Internet’s largest and oldest independent mental health social network created and run by mental health professionals to guarantee reliable, trusted information and support communities to you, for over 15 years.

International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression
The International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression (iFred), is an organization dedicated to researching causes of depression, to support those dealing with depression, and to combat the stigma associated with depression.

Anxiety Disorders Association of America
The Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA) is a national nonprofit organization solely dedicated to informing the public, health care professionals, and legislators that anxiety disorders are real, serious, and treatable.

Depression Helper
Information to help you prevent and defeat depression.

SAMHSA Mental Health
Mental health information provided by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Mental Health America
Information and fact sheets on mental health disorders and medication.

Neurological Disorder Links

National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke
The mission of NINDS is to reduce the burden of neurological disease – a burden borne by every age group, by every segment of society, by people all over the world.

Sex Addiction Links

Sexaholics San Antonio Meetings:
Sexaholics Anonymous is a 12-step program to help people who have an addiction to sex including affairs, porn sites, topless bars, Internet, phone sex or other types of sex addiction.

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous is a 12 Step program to aid individuals who have a desire to stop living out patterns of sex and love addiction. The SLAA site provides resource links, newcomer information and meeting listings.

Pornography Addiction Recovery
Since 1997, this site has helped men and women of all backgrounds recover from pornography addiction. The tools we recommend here have been tried and tested.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) is the leading not-for-profit organization exclusively dedicated to understanding and preventing suicide, and to reaching out to people with mood disorders and those impacted by suicide.

American Association of Suicidology
Dedicated to the understanding and prevention of suicide.

The Kristin Brooks Hope Center provides a helpline for people having thoughts of suicide.

Suicide Prevention Links

Suicide Awareness Voices of Education
The SAVE mission is to prevent suicide through public awareness and education, reduce stigma, and serve as a resource for those touched by suicide.

Teen Education and Crisis Hotline
A helpline for teens with thoughts of suicide.

Other Links
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