New Client Paperwork

New Client paperwork to bring to the first session.  Documents are provided in WORD and PDF format for your convenience.  You may print them, fill them out, and sign before coming to your first session.  Just bring them with you.  Print the appropriate forms for your situation.


For Adults, print:

Client Information – Adult,   Office Policies,   Initial Assessment – Adult

For Young Adult/Adolescents print:

Client Information – Young Adult/Adolescent,   Office Policies,   Confidential Questionnaire for Youth


Client Info Adult WORD

Client Info Adult PDF

Office Policies WORD

Office Policies PDF

Client Information – Young Adult, Adolescent WORD

Client Information – Young Adult, Adolescent PDF

Confidential Questionnaire for Youth WORD

Confidential Questionnaire for Youth PDF

Initial Assessment Adult WORD

Initial Assessment Adult PDF



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