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logoI will be making periodic posts to this blog that I hope will be informative and casual in nature.  I want to give you a flavor for my experiences with some of my clients, tips and insights that I think may be of benefit for you, or any other miscellaneous observations or information.

If you are not familiar with my background, you may look at the

link to read a little about me and my approach.  Many comments will probably be related, but not limited to substance abuse/ addiction treatment, 12-step programs, our outpatient drug rehab program, hypnotherapy, or marriage/family counseling insights.  It may just turn out to be rambling and incoherent, but I will try not to be.

I see clients making improvements all the time and the reason is, I think, that they are ready and willing to do something different.  Whatever has happened in their lives have put them at a turning point (no pun intended, the reason we picked our name) and their pain, loss, or frustration is the motivator for change.  This is what is referred to as “hitting bottom” in 12-step programs.  When the pain of the consequences of our past actions or decisions is greater than the fear of what new future possibly uncomfortable changes may bring, we will be ready to venture into new territory.  The thing is that when people try out the new and different healthier ways to act and think about their lives, it gets better almost immediately.  I want to be a facilitator of the new direction you take and go along with you toward that end.

By Ron Deage
Clinical Director at A Turning Point

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