For Fun

The following interesting, humorous, and/or fun links/games are provided to help relieve stress and give you some diversion from your work or school day.

Insurance Comedy
Real Accident Insurance Claims. You won’t believe the statements.

Solve online jigsaw puzzles.

Time Capsule
On this day in history…

How much is inside?
How much is inside?

Presidential Election Interactive Map
Pick a year and see how states voted in the election

Joey Green
Wacky uses for everyday items, weird facts and more…

Strange Facts
All you ever need to know about everything.

The Worlds Smallest Political Quiz
Take the Quiz now and find out where you fit on the political map!

Snuggles Project Help homeless animals get comfortable.:

Dog Breed Info
Find out everything you need to know about dog breeds.

Earth View
Take a virtual trip around the world!

Solar System Simulator
Take a virtual tour around the solar system!

MicroAngela Microscopic Image Gallery
Explore the microscopic world.

Dennis Kunkel Microscopy
Scientific stock photography.

Earth as Art
See the world in art form.
A huge selection of things to keep you entertained.

Worlds Best Websites
A selection of fun stuff.

4 Kids
Fun stuff for kids!

Fun Trivia
Quizzes, tournaments and crossword puzzles.

Symbols and Ideograms
Online encyclopedia of western signs and ideograms.

Caverns and Caves
Find a cave!

Kid Sites
Links to educational sites and fun sites.

Family Education
How stuff works, the man that fell from space and more.

Aha Jokes
A huge selection of jokes.

Astronomy links
Links to everything astronomy related

Baby Boomers
Memorabilia, pictures, posters, autographs and more.

Quotations, encyclopedia, dictionary and more.
Videos, games, born on this day and more.

All Site Cafe
Links to a selection of fun websites.

Family TLC
Tools to enhance the parent/child relationship.

Kids Government
The official portal for the U.S government.

Fun Brain
A colourful site with a selection of games including sudoku.

Online Conversion
Convert clothing sizes, acceleration and cooking measurements.

How to Clean Anything
Advice on cleaning houses, cars pets etc….

Old wives tales, humor and all sorts of stuff.

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