Affordable Low Cost Therapy

Sign Directions Support Help Tips Advice Guidance AssistanceWe offer affordable low cost therapy provided by Counseling Interns who are in their final stages of graduate schooling to become Licensed Professional Counselors.  As an LPC Supervisor with 25 years of counseling experience, I personally supervise all Interns who are able to meet with you at a much reduced fee, usually from $50.00 to $75.00.  They have received their masters degrees in counseling from St. Marys and are pursuing their Ph.D.s.  They have several years of experience in the field and are enthusiastic about helping you with your situation.  Just mention that you are inteAttitude Is Everythingrested in seeing an intern and we will discuss the arrangements.  I can assure you that your counseling experience will be satisfying and beneficial.  I will work closely with each student counselor to be certain your concerns are addressed effectively.  This service will not only give you the opportunity to get counseling at a low cost therapy rate, but will give you even greater help by having two counselors that will have input into your situation.

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